Climate Change & Agriculture

Overview:Climate change is an important topic to understand, especially in relationship to what is happening locally here in New Mexico. In this unit, we will study the general causes of climate change, discuss feedback loops that are important to climate change, analyze related graphs and consider climate change in New Mexico as it relates to food security.

Pacing Guide: click this link to see the pacing guide for the Climate Change & Agriculture unit.

Feedback Loops practice- TED Ed

Week 1: Introduction to climate change, carbon cycle and building a base model

Week 2: Carbon Cycle & Climate Change

Week 3: Feedback Loops & Albedo Effect

Week 4: Carbon footprint & food miles

Week 5: Understanding graphs, continue with climate change model

Week 6: Data collection & analysis

  • Finish your climate change project, analyze your data and be ready to share to your peers at the Roundtable.

For Student Roundtable- student projects that will be presented

Optional Halloween project ideas: