Fall Startup StarLogo TNG (4 weeks)

This is the curriculum page for Introduction to StarLogo TNG and Complex Adaptive Systems weeks

The first four weeks are labeled X, A, B, C. The A, B, and C weeks should proceed in order but the X week can be interspersed between any two weeks. So for example, you could do [A, B, X, C] or [A, B, C, X]. We will be constructing a calendar so club leaders can schedule when they want to reserve the palms.

Here are some helpful documents from Phillip Arguello that were shared at the GUTS PD in Las Cruces on 9-21-13.

These are examples of the accompanying models. Note that these can be created many different ways and should only act as an example. (Do not have students build these by copying them.) To download, hold down the control key and click on the link or right click.

Complex Systems Resources