Opinion Dynamics- Spring 2016

In this unit, we will explore Opinion Dynamics as an aspect of human society that can be studied as a complex system. In modeling opinion formation and dynamics agents representing humans can influence and be influenced by other agents both locally through one-on-one interactions and globally, through mass media

Pacing Guide: Opinion Dynamics (Spring 2016)

Week 1: Introduction to Opinion Dynamics & complex systems

Week 2: Influencing opinions- agents circulating in a community

Week 3: Does Your Opinion Count? Polling & Sampling

Week 4: Polling & Sampling Continued- movable & multiple locations

Week 5: Opinion Dynamics - Data analysis and further alterations to base model

Week 6: Opinion Dynamics - Experimentation, Analyzing data and prepare for presentation

Additional Activities to try:

  • Does Your Opinion Count?
  • data sheet- Does Your Opinion Count?
  • Making Group Decisions- topics & questions to think about

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