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2014-1015 Curricular Unit:

  • Fall Intro Unit (6 weeks)
  • Sustainability in New Mexico (pilot in Fall 2014)
  • Spring Intro Unit 2015 (6 weeks)
  • Spring Unit- Geothermal Energy (coming soon!)

    2013-2014 Curricular Units:

    2013-2014 GUTS Online / Virtual Field Trips:

    Dr. Michael Heagy, NM Tech, on Climate Change
    David Kratzer, LANL, on the Supercomputing Challenge
    Henny Admoni, Yale University, on Robotics

    2012-2013 Curricular Units:

    2011-2012 Curricular Units:

    2010-2011 Curricular Units:

    2009-2010 Curricular Units:

    2008-9 Curricular Units: (n.b. these are shorter units)

    2007-8 Curricular Units: (n.b. these are shorter units)

    Other Project GUTS curricula

    2011-2012 Summer GUTS Y Girls Workshop Curriculum:

      Level 1 - Middle School Summer Camps
    • Schedule
  • Swords and Shields
  • Fish and Plankton
  • Rabbits and Grass
  • African Plains

    2009 Frontiers in Integrative Biological Research (FIBR):

    2009 Summer Workshop Curricula:

    2007-9 Overview materials:

    Supercomputing Challenge Kickoff Curriculum (GUTS)
    This is the curriculum Project GUTS offers as part of the Supercomputing Challenge Kickoff Conference. It is also suitable for introducing new students to Complex Systems and Computational Modeling.

    MAC Software to install for GUTS Clubs

    PC Software to install for GUTS Clubs

    Research and Evaluation