Promoting the Integration of Computer Science

Computer Science in Science: Project GUTS partnered with to deliver a science program that integrates computer modeling and simulation into Earth, Life, and Physical Science.  Why Computer Science? We believe every 21st century student should have the opportunity to learn computer science. The basics help nurture creativity and problem-solving skills, and prepare students for any future career.

Use, Modify, Create

Project GUTS pioneered an approach to learning about and with computer models called “Use Modify Create.”  In this progression students first learn to use and understand computer models then later adapt computer models to reflect their own interests, and finally, create new models from scratch all the while using computer models as an integral element of conducting scientific inquiry.

Facilitator Corps at Regional Hubs

Project GUTS has developed a corps of facilitators who are excited and well-prepared to lead our professional development workshops (online and in-person) at districts across the country (and a few are able to work internationally). 

Teachers with GUTS Online Network —

Teachers with GUTS is Project GUTS’ new online network for teachers. Teachers who join our network can get answers to questions, help with code, and the latest resources and tools we produce.  A practice space and social network complement the resources we share.